The Exhibition

Stockholm Graphic Interiors are happy to invite you to our exhibition at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo. Welcome to the opening Tuesday October 30 at 9am.This is a cooperation with Svensk Form, The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design and a part of Sweden in Style.The Embassy of Sweden present a trio of kin designers taking a new approach to interior design.
The exhibition is characterized by the unique collaboration between family members which is only possible when you know and trust each other. A creative family sharing the design process. playing, working together, joining and adding to each others work.皆さま、展覧会Stockholm Graphic Interiors(スウェーデン大使館(東京))へようこそ。10月30日(火)午前9時よりオープンいたします。この展覧会は、スヴェンスク・フォルム(スウェーデン工芸デザイン協会)との協力によるもので、Sweden in Styleの一部です。スウェーデン大使館では、クリエイティブ一家の三人が、インテリアデザインの新たなアプローチを行っています。この、家族でのコラボレーションをご覧いただけて、とてもうれしく思います。お互いのことをよく知り、尊敬しあっているからこそできる、ユニークなコラボレーションが、この展覧会の大きな特長です。クリエイティブ一家として、デザインプロセスを共有したり、一緒に遊び、仕事をし、作品を一緒に作ったり、相互に手を加えたりしています。
This is a Family Affair
As sisters Anna and Stina have played and worked together all their lives. And for more than a decade this has materialised in various professional forms, such as books, magazines and product designs. Showing in the exhibition is the brand “Little Pink & Brokiga” which started in 2007 as a means to expand the collaboration. In sisterhood they develop and refine the message that; “Everyone is different – all are equally valuable”.
The graphic designer Pompe, married to Stina, is active as a book-, magazine- and pattern designer. Pompes and Stinas collaboration has resulted in numerous books and magazines. In this exhibition they will show new designs, painted traditional Swedish handicraft, Dala horses and the traditional japanese handicraft, Kokeshi dolls. Pompe has also collaborated with Anna. In this exhibition they show their experiments with light and patterns.Read more about Anna, Stina and Pompe under their names on the site.