The Patterns

POMPE HEDENGREN has done the adult patterns below.
He has always been surrounded by textiles and patterns as his mother, a fashion coordinator, brought her work to home. Already as a little boy, Pompe created his own colour maps and combinations. And this has continued to be one of his mayor interests.
With his new textile designs Pompe search for a intuitive beauty. The relationship between the stars, the Milky Way and the human, humanity illustrates “Mankind´s smallness before the universe.”BROKIGA means multi-coloured and multi-patterned in Swedish. The characters are strong individuals with independent spirits. There is something crazy about all the brokiga. Many things can happen around them. You never know what they are up to next.Read more about the Anna, Stina and Pompe under their names on the site.Do you wanna watch our patterns on products, check out “The Products”